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Contact Us

Company Name:Xiangxiang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact: Gu Yue Stee(General Manager)
13801801953 (mobile phone)

Sales Tel:021-58593808-8008

Shanghai Hotline:021-58599468

Shenzhen Hotline:0755-28760426

Weihai hotline:0631-5663708

Contact Us

Company Name: Shanghai Xiangxiang Electron Co., Ltd.

Headquarters Address: Chuansha Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Pu 369 New Road (3 km from Pudong International Airport, 5 km from the international volley Kong)

Contact: Gu Yuegang (General Manager) 13801801953 (mobile phone) 
Zhu Guohua (Deputy General Manager) 13818164339 (mobile phone)

Sales Hotline :86 -021-58599468

Tel :86 -021-58593808 turn 8011

Fax 021 -58593886

E - mail:




Shenzhen Office

Contact: Jin Jihua 13816542703

Address: Bao'an District, Shenzhen City Garden, Building A, 105-106

Sales Hotline 0755 -28760426 

E - mail: 
Fax 0755 -28760293

Weihai Office

Contact: Mr.Xia 

Address: Shenyang Road, Weihai, high-fat Garden District, Building 21 East

Sales Hotline 0631 -5663708 13723073667

Fax 0631 -5663708

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